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Warranty Coverage: if any manufacturing defects

1. Toner is leakage before peeling-off security seal.

2. Printing issues such as print shadow, blur, black dots, white/black lines due to manufacturing defects.

Warranty non-coverage: Abnormal handling/return & miss-used by customers

1. The warranty sticker is either broken or missing.

2. The weight of remaining toner load is less than 80% compared to new toner. (Each toner load different from cartridge models) .

3. The toners casing broken (due to delivery) and OPC drum scratched due to miss-handling on customer's part.

4. Toner leakage due to any attempts of refilling exercise on dealers or end-users part.

5. The seal was torn (while customer removing it) resulting no toner powder supply from cartridge.


1. Customer is RESPONSIBLE for return it to our service center

2. We will not ship replacement merchandise until receipt of damaged or defective item.

3. All defective or damaged returns are subjected to inspection by our technical colleague. 

4. One for one replacement for the ones you have already used and are at least 50% full in powder weight. 

5. Defective items that you have already used and are less than 50% full in powder weight, you will be charged 50% of original purchase price on one for one replacement.

6. Failure to return a product within the return period will be deemed to be an acceptance of the product.


1. If you are not fulfilled with compatible toner cartridge you bought at our store or online store, you will get full refund within SEVEN (7) DAYS

2. Genuine or Original cartridges are non-refundable.

3. Shipping & Handling Charges are non-refundable, except in the case that we have ship you the wrong items. 

4. Customers receiving free shipping will be charged RM 15.00 for handling if their order is returned for a refund of the original purchase price.


1. If you want to cancel order, kindly call us or fax to 084-314562 (include order number & full name). We don't accept email order cancellation.